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Thread: how old are we?

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    how old are we?

    I am 40 and from the UK. Have been shooting 35mm for 25 years, MF (6x9) for 18 months and LF (4x5) for 3 months. I have never seen anybody else out in the big outdoors with LF kit and only a handful with MF. I belong to a camera club but only know one person from the club who has ventured beyond 35mm to MF (6x7). Everyone is going digital now. But as Joe Cornish said once of LF "Its a great antidote to the digital revolution". Oh dear, better stick to the point rather than open that debate.

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    how old are we?

    Hi Nigel - I'm from the UK and I've also never seen anyone else with LF kit, come to think of it, I rarely see anyone with anything but 35mm. Are we a dying breed (in the UK)??

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    how old are we?

    I'm 47 (sigh) and on vitamin pills too. Started LF ten years ago. Long live the Forum!

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    how old are we?

    I'm 52, shooting 4x5, 8x10 started with Polaroid when i was 19, 32 yrs here, and still shooting

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    how old are we?

    I'm 40, have been using LF sporadically since 1997.

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    how old are we?

    I know the answer to this question, and nobody can prove me wrong! I'm 45 and st arted using a 6x9 view camera a little over a year ago after 20+ years of 35mm s hooting.

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    how old are we?

    38, still a baby to 4x5, 8 months.

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    how old are we?

    Patrick, is it just me or does our boat look a little empty? Are there really so few young people out there dedicated at slugging around LF?! I'm 25, using 4x5 and then 5x7 for the last few years. And when I think of it now, I am very likely the only person in SA currently doing 5x7.

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    how old are we?

    35, 8x10 and 5x7. 3 years.

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    how old are we?

    Count me in as one of the young ones. I'm but a scant 20 years of age. I've been doing photography for 7 years, have been shooting large format for 4 years, and 8x10 for 2 of those years. I'm as hooked on LF as one can be, I think, and have every intention to keep shooting the sheet film with zeal until I expire. There don't seem to be a lot of people in my generation shooting large format, but the ones that are that I know are more than a little enthusiastic about it.
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