At the end of last week, a very bad experience happened to me: my Tachihara came ra was stolen, together with my 3 Rodenstock lenses and other accessories (inclu ding a Sekonic L508 light meter). The story is that the bag (Samsonite brand) co ntaining all these items was stolen from the back of the rental car I was drivin g in Santiago de Chile. One of the two bad guys pinched my rear tire, and while I was changing it, the other took the bag from the back of the car and ran away. They almost certainly won't even know how to open it, and maybe just sell it as an antiquity... If you ever find a used Tachihara for sale in South America (wh ich is not that common...) please tell me !

Now the good part of the story, I am now looking for a new camera, and also lens es. I am thinking about an Ebony. As I am taking mostly landscapes (with some ar chitecture), what would be the model recommended by the Ebony users present on t his forum ? I am tempted by the 45S model, which is simple and lightweight, but the SV45U seems more capable in terms of movements.

Thank you for your help, and sorry for bothering you with such a sad story...