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Thread: 8x10 rail kits

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    8x10 rail kits

    In the next couple of months, I'm going to be making the jump from 6x7 to 8x10 a nd have been looking for kits. So, if anyone has any pointers as to good 8x10 ra il kits, I'd appreciate it. Thank you, Jeff.

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    8x10 rail kits

    Sinar P2 or Arca-Swiss 8x10 FC or 8x10 M. If you can find a Sinar 8x10 that is not worn out that is a good place to start. make sure it has the heavy duty 8x10 Rear function carrier, which is squaterthan the standard rear function carrier.

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    8x10 rail kits

    For studio use there is only one camera:

    Sinar P2!!!

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    8x10 rail kits

    I use a F2 Sinar because of the tilt and depth of feild calculator. It is great and I got it for alot less thatn the P2. You have to get two rail clamps to keep any Sinar 8x10 stabilized, don't let anyone fool you about that FACT

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    8x10 rail kits

    Hi Jeff! What do you exactly mean by "Kit", would yo by any chance want to build your own 8x10? In that case , once upon a time there was the "BENDER" camera, try that! greetings

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