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Thread: Noba Camera Model 5

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    Noba Camera Model 5

    Can anyone advise me of a website or persons knowledgeable of Noba Camera Model 5? (made in Mexico) Thanks!

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    Noba Camera Model 5

    David: I learned studio portrait photography on a Noba stand camera using 5x7 film. What is it that you would like to know about the Noba? They were quite popular cameras. I will help if I can or there are others on this forum that have used or maybe still use them. Let us know what you are asking.


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    Noba Camera Model 5

    Hey folks, I am currently a student at a small community college in Oregon and I found a Noba Model 5. Is there a specific back that goes to this camera? I would like to do some Silver Sellenium printing with the negative but there isn't a back for it. The stand weighs 100 lbs at least. Also Is there supposed to be a clear glass on the back or an opaque. The lens board needs replaced too. Was it wood or metal? I would appreciate any feedback. Kelly

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