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Thread: "Kinematic" 45 film holder

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    Re: "Kinematic" 45 film holder

    do what's already been mentioned and you'll be fine.

    I got mine(now sold off when I sold my 4x5 Alpenhause last year) and it was really stiff. A bit of white grease(Krytox???) on the septums, then wipe it off, smooth as butter.

    just make sure that the back "clicks" locked when you're advancing film(like johnielvis stated), or you'll keep re-exposing the same sheet.


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    Re: "Kinematic" 45 film holder

    Hello, are Kinematic and Grafmatic 4x5 septums interchangeable? Thanks

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    Re: "Kinematic" 45 film holder


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    Re: "Kinematic" 45 film holder

    People generally are scared of old films and paper. I'm not,as I grew up using it. I would try samples of the film to determine how to use it. In my experience the chances are excellent if the user knows how to deal with any possible age fogging, which is probably minimal anyway. Usually a little benzotriazole will take care of any problems.

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