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Thread: Reciprocity Timer 1.0

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    Reciprocity Timer 1.0

    Quote Originally Posted by Randy Moe View Post
    I didn't know of the ability for UI change to black, but I think it's valuable for night shots as it is less blinding. I will now use black mode.

    I think all your ideas are good. Especially as you gather user data and compare it.

    I have a saying, 'Never stop a person who is working'.
    I agree with Randy, the black out / night mode feature is super useful.

    If you could then make the text RED so that it's totally "night vision" mode, that would be even better, whit still kills your night vision, even the small amount of text, where red would mitigate that.

    Thanks for being open to the extra work, the night mode is invaluable.

    If you want to make a thread for film data times and link to it here, that's great. Be warned, that will open you up to a LOT of opinion

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    Re: Reciprocity Timer 1.0

    I didn't realize there was a way to add custom films, and I have the "pro" version! I'd just never played around with it enough. Never found the light bulb either...

    There's not a lot of resolution in the official reciprocity chart for Ilford Ortho Plus. I sent in a request to Ilford several days ago about it but haven't heard anything back yet. Let's just say the new management isn't as responsive as Simon was...

    Here's a link to the spec sheet:

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    Re: Reciprocity Timer 1.0

    Did you ever make an android version of this app? I recently switched to the Pixel 2, and I really miss Reciprocity Timer. I can't find it in the Google Play Store.

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    Re: Reciprocity Timer 1.0

    Today in the Apple App Store there was a surprise: An update of this app, and it’s working fine on iOS 11!


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