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Thread: white light spots on film

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    white light spots on film

    Any idea what these white spots are??

    Fuji Provia 400X.

    Also I was wondering if processing can alter the graininess of the film with color. ANd if so what would cause it? I've noticed my film has been overly grainy especially for provia 400x. I think my lab is getting lazy.


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    Re: white light spots on film

    Take it back to your lab, that's pretty unacceptable.
    My lab is getting lazy too, now that they're the only show in town.
    I get water spots on half my sheets of film, which adds to my computer time.
    They treat it like it's normal, and say to get rid of the spots they'd have to wash the film twice. WTF?
    I remember when getting clean film was the norm, now I have to specify "no streaks or water spots".
    Their last chance is today, after that I'm buying colour chemistry and doing it myself.

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