I did a quick search and didn't find an exact answer. I'm looking for a shutter for my tailboard camera. One thought I have is to use a T-P rollerblind. I'm hoping the camera is heavy enough to absorb vibrations, especially if I shim up the lens board. How would I mount the shutter to the lens or lensboard? Do I simply screw it on from behind? Or, mount it behind the lensboard somehow? I'm thinking of leaving the original lensboard alone (with its mounted Dallmeyer) and having a second matching lensboard made so I won't cringe when drilling holes in it. My other thought is to have this new lensboard made so it can simply accept lenses mounted in my Chamonix lensboards. I haven't figured all this out yet. I'm thinking maybe I want one camera (Chamonix) for modern gear and the tailboard to use historical lenses/shutters. I don't yet know what size the lensboard is on the tailboard, but it looks to me like the T-P shutters were simply screwed on between lensboard and then the lens was screwed onto it.

Kent in SD