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    I have a Toyo Field and I am thinking of getting one of the Chinese 6x17 or 6x17 backs. What wide angle lens will cover 6 x 17 and will I need a filter with a ND center to make it work?

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    In my experience a 4x5 body will vignette a lens longer than about 180mm with 6x17. If you plan to do closer photos you shouldn't go longer than about 150mm.

    As far as wide angles are concerned it depends on how close your camera can go. My Shen Hao is limited to around 50mm so a 47mm wouldn't work.

    A centre filter is good for perfectionists or commercially concerned persons. Many people like the fall-off in the photos.

    The lens must have an image circle of 180mm at infinity f22 to cover 6x17.



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    Re: 6x17

    Read this brochure. All of the lenses listed for this camera easily work on any 617. So will their Rodenstock equivelents. The question is can they work on the set-up that you are thinking of using. For that answer ask the back makers.

    Most users of this camera get the center filters. that does not mean that you will need to. It all depends on what you shoot, how you shoot, how you light, if you shoot neg or pos film, etc. Simply try it first for a while and then you will know if you need one or not.

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