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Thread: great tool for small"tabletop" still life and product photography

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    great tool for small"tabletop" still life and product photography

    This is really a mention of a discovery rather than a question, Last week I had to shoot some gold and sterling silver jewelry for a new client. After futzing a round with tiny little reflector cards and fighting hot spots and building flats ided tents I discovered a new (to me anyway) tool called the "Plume Cocoon". Thi s is a semi rigid tent that zips togethe. The only flat surface in the thing is the floor, all the other surfaces including the backwall (which forms a seamless cove) are curved. The obloid curved sidewalls make varying the lighting effects , placement and shape of highlights easy. The light quality is very smooth. The thing is small enough and light enough to use on location or in the field. I am not sure if this the appropriate place to mention this product, but it is making my life much easier. BTW: I am not being paid or compensated in any way for wri ting this, nor am I a dealer. I just thought it might be of interest to some lik e minded photographers . The URL for this product is: coon.htm

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    great tool for small"tabletop" still life and product photography

    Ellis! My Man! I can't believe your/my timing! A client just presented me with the digital camera they want me to use to photograph their catalog of trickets! This gizmo looks pixel-perfect! ha! It ain't L-Format but it works for me! thanks!...t

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