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Thread: Lumpp tripod

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    Lumpp tripod

    I've just got myself a German Lumpp tripod and was wondering if anyone knew this make. I lucked out on an auction and got this very cheaply, and must say it's just fantastic. Really well made, very substantial but not too heavy, takes 15kg and is very stable, plus the double legs look great. Seems the company has been making quality studio stands and tripods for years.
    One feature it has is a central column you raise by pumping it with a lever, very handy, the release is a bit sudden though, but air cushioned right at the end. Do any other makes have this sort of system?
    From the same seller I also got a very heavy Plaubel 2-way head so finally have something suitable for LF.

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    Re: Lumpp tripod

    Hello, I'm new to this forum and this is my first reply. Although your post is from 2011 I thought I'd pass along a link. Lumpp is a German company, they make high quality tripods and a wide range of other supports. I recently came into possession of a N.O.S Lumpp Tripod and was in the same boat as you... who made this ? I dug up this website and thought it may be of interest to you. The prices are in Euros, and these tripods are not cheap. Looks to be quality gear with simple, straight forward designs. You may be able to find a setting on your browser to translate German to English.

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    Re: Lumpp tripod

    I use Google on a PC. It automatically translates if that is wanted. There are 27 different tripods listed. One of them is for the windshield. Quite impressive.

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    Re: Lumpp tripod


    that was the state of the art in the 1970s and 1980s. Like Linhof Alu Profil tripods (Report, Combi) etc.


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    Re: Lumpp tripod

    Their wooden tripods are similar in concept and design to Berlebach units, in some instances. Their place of business is between Reutlingen and Tübingen which is where my brother in-law and my wife lived, so one day I dropped in to have a look. I decided that the Berlebach ball head built into the tripod itself was a better arrangement, so I eventually went with a Berlebach tripod.

    But their extremely modest showroom had some pretty impressive tripods. That said, this was around 12-15 years ago.


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