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Thread: Hello from Poland

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    Hello from Poland

    I started from analog, through digital I'm back in analog world. I started in 35mm format, then medium 6x6, 6x9 - and now thats the time for 4x5.

    I'm not yet an owner of LF camera (I hope it will not take a long time)

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    Re: Hello from Poland

    Welcome to group therapy, Conrad! Sounds like you're well based in photography, so you should have no trouble with just all works a lot slower!

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    Re: Hello from Poland

    Welcome to Large Format Photography Forum.

    I started with 35mm, then I touched a Hasselblad, and now 4x5. Doing all three formats.

    Nothing beats a great piece of glass!

    I leave the digital work for the urologists and proctologists.

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