finally got around to doing initial impressions were WRONG--the GG does decieve----wide open at infinity--it is very noticibly blurrier toward the corners but seems to sharpen up very nicely when you stop down--this is what convinced me that this lens does cover (this and other people swearing that it does)

when the lens vignetting is eliminated by stopping down all the way to f32 to keep the corners from getting dark, it looks very nice, but it's NOT critically sharp in the corners

that being said--you focus closer than infinity and you're in buisiness---it is a close-up lens afterall...

that's not to say it WONT work at infinity--it may actually satisfy some people--but for me--it's not "critically sharp" in the corners---or "sharp enough for me".... it IS sharp though...or maybe the middle is so sharp it makes the edges look non-sharp..

in any case--if you're looking for a cheap wide angle that PERFORMS---it just plain don't exist---spend the money--get the super angulon....your time is worth more than your money