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Thread: Caltar II-N 210mm F/5.6 needed

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    Re: Caltar II-N 210mm F/5.6 needed

    Thanks for the posts...that is why I come to this forum...great help. I am looking forward to using this lens and now I am sure it will be outstanding as a starter lens and probably my standard lens from now on.

    My Polaroid back is black plactic and has no info on it but it appears to be a model 405 and those will take the Fuji FP3000 films and I am excited to be able to use this film also.

    Lots more questions to come concerning my budget 4x5 outfit...thanks in advance.

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    Re: Caltar II-N 210mm F/5.6 needed

    Quote Originally Posted by wallrat View Post
    Does the Impossible Project make film for non-pack film backs?
    No. Nobody makes film for the 545 sheet film holder and only Fuji makes pack film. It was possible to use Fuji Quickload packaging of conventional film in a 545i, but even that has been discontinued.

    If the image size is 3-1/4x4-1/4, it takes the smaller pack film similar to what is used in the Fuji Instax. FP100C or FP3000B, as I recall. If the image frame is closer to 4x5, it takes the more expensive 4x5 pack film such as the FP100C45.

    Rick "who also has a 545i doorstop" Denney

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    Re: Caltar II-N 210mm F/5.6 needed

    After all these years, I hope the OP eventually discovered the answer to his question with real world experience with this lens.

    For others who are starting off in LF and have similar questions, I can vouch for the Caltar II-N 210mm f/5.6. I use it predominantly for landscape photography in the 4x5 format, where it is a superlative performer. In this context, it offers an angle of view longer than the normal view (“long normal”), which works well for landscapes.

    As it is seated in a Copal 1 shutter, it is reasonably light-weight enough to routinely and effortlessly carry on backpacking trips. Its coverage is more than ample for landscapes. I have yet to come anywhere close to its coverage limits in the 4x5 format. Although this lens has a 67mm front filter thread, I routinely use a 67-77mm step-up ring to pair with 77mm filters. Optically, this lens is fabulous. Very sharp, strong contrast, with a lovely color rendition.

    For those getting started in LF—whether landscapes, table-top, or portraits—the Caltar II-N 210mm f/5.6 lens would be an excellent choice. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. And it may be the only lens you’ll need in the 4x5 format.

    I’ve attached a recent photo I made with this lens, shot on an Intrepid 8x10 w/4x5 reducing back, Kodak Ektar 100, and an 81A warming filter.
    Click image for larger version. 

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