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Thread: Greetings from North Carolina

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    Greetings from North Carolina

    I'm Bryan, and I live in Greenville, NC. I'm an art major with a concentration in photography at East Carolina University.

    I started off as a 100% digital photographer, and learned the joys of film when I started school and had to learn 35mm. A couple months ago I bought a Calumet monorail 4x5 from my professor, so I'm completely new to this but am loving it so far.


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    Re: Greetings from North Carolina

    Glad you joined the tribe, Search the archives abd articles, there's a lot to learn here.

    Don Bryant

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    Re: Greetings from North Carolina

    Welcome to group therapy! The various Calumet cameras are good "learner" cameras that will do every thing you need it to for a long time to come...the older 400-series is not quite a versitile as the later rebranded Cambo's, but both will do fine work.

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