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Thread: Aircraft

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    Re: Aircraft

    Quote Originally Posted by Dugan View Post
    I may be wrong, but I think those are pitot tubes.
    They are antennas for sure, no pitot tubes there.

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    Re: Aircraft

    . . Mini Guppy. Tillamook, OR
    . . Mini Guppy. Tillamook, OR by Reinhold S., on Flickr. . Neg # ACAQ 430. KB Canham 8x20 camera, 600mm lens, YG filter HP5 film

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    Re: Aircraft

    Gundlach Korona Tessar DC-3 Blueprint small by rrunnertexas, on Flickr

    Gundlach 8 x 10 - Negative was not exposed properly, so after scanning, this Topaz blueprint filter was applied. Certainly a gritty, different look. Not for all tastes, but interesting.

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    Re: Aircraft

    Still cool though.
    --- Steve from Missouri ---

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    Re: Aircraft

    I paid a visit to the de Havilland Museum at Hatfield (just north of London, for those in the UK) with a new Chroma yesterday, to see how things went. It's always fun with a new camera - these are the first images taken through it - but an aircraft museum has an awful lot of volunteers who are equally as enthusiastic about this sort of camera as I was about the planes...

    Two indoor images - a DH98 Mosquito and a somewhat disassembled DH 112 Sea Venom - twenty and forty second exposures in both cases; two outdoor images both of a DH110 Sea Vixen, both at 1/8 second - F45 in all cases, on Fomapan 100 (but metered at 64ASA). Developed in R09, nine minutes at 50:1. The lens is a Rodenstock-Sironar f5.6 150mm. The images are JPG reductions of 16-bit tiffs from an Epson 4870 Photo, with the default settings from XSANE.

    I'll have a comment or two on the camera in the 'show us yer camera thread'.

    I note that there is an odd marking on all sides of the negatives. I don't think this is optical; I suspect it's because the unexposed film has been in the holders for about ten months (I was quite surprised to find the holders loaded! )


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    Re: Aircraft

    Sky Harbor Airport - Phoenix, Arizona. The year is 1967 and dad was doing promotional photography for Bonanza Air Lines. According to dad’s notes, they offered helicopter shuttle service to busy executives. Next to the passenger door on the Fairchild F 27A, was a prominent sign that said “radar equipped“. While I’ll find the 4x5 negative someday, this is a scan of a nearly 55-year-old 8x10 silver gelatin print that was stacked in a box with 50+ other prints. It will never cease to amaze me how durable these prints are. Dad made this photograph with his trusty Linhof Technika IV. Not sure on the lens.

    TERMINAL ONE - Sky Harbor Phoenix by Jeff D. Welker, on Flickr
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    Re: Aircraft

    Jeff, that's a real gem, hope the negative turns up.


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    Re: Aircraft

    Looks like a still from The Man From U.N.C.L.E., which would be in period. Those were the days - the only thing keeping people away from the planes was a low wall and manual gate 8-)

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    Re: Aircraft

    That's great. It's so period correct it almost looks like a retro movie.
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    Re: Aircraft

    Cool post Jeff.

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