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Thread: Need Help With 4x5 in colorado

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    Need Help With 4x5 in colorado

    I am looking for someone to help me learn how to shoot 4x5 or larger in colorado. around the keystone area, i have the basics of it but i cant find anyone to help me with the things i dont know and i juast want to learn more about it. Message me

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    Re: Need Help With 4x5 in colorado

    What aspects of LF are you insure of: Movement, exposure, lighting, film processing, printing?

    What is Keystone near?
    Drew Bedo

    There are only three types of mounting flanges; too big, too small and wrong thread!

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    Re: Need Help With 4x5 in colorado

    alot of it i just keep getting really bad exposure. I dont know what i am doing wrong.
    I am an hour west of denver where all the resorts are and about 2.5 hours east of aspen.

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    Re: Need Help With 4x5 in colorado

    S&S Optika, Englewood Camera and Denver Pro Photo all know large format. Englewood has a number of large format cameras in stock as well as accessories and S&S Optika has a number of very nice lenses available in pristine condition for large format. They are also experts in taking and printing with large format and have several great large format mural size prints that they did on display. Please note, they are primarily telescope dealers but they do know LF. As do the others. Have you checked with any of them?

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    Re: Need Help With 4x5 in colorado

    Sounds like you're looking for a teacher. I'm not aware of anyone doing that around here (I'm near Boulder), at least not professionally. If you are able to scan your prints or negs, and post them here, you'll find a lot of helpful people.

    What sort of equipment are you using now? Can you describe how a "really bad exposure" looks? (scan helps here!) What film? How are you determining exposure? Who is developing the film?

    There are a ton of common errors. Loading film backwards in the holder. Forgetting to stop down the lens before exposure. Forgetting to close the shutter before pulling the dark slide. Pulling the darkslide that faces the GG rather than the one that faces the lens. Metering errors. And the most common of all, dull photos. We've all done several of these at one time or another.

    Common eqipment problems are light leaks, bellows pinholes (another light leak), slow shutters (old lenses).

    I'm no teacher, but have been doing 4x5 for several years. I might be up for a couple of hour meetup if you want to come to Boulder.

    I'll have to check out Englewood Camera. Have never been there. Denver Pro Photo is my usual supplier.

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    Re: Need Help With 4x5 in colorado

    I will scan some stuff this weekend DPP helped me alot a few days ago. I will post some Scans and go from there thanks for the help.

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    Re: Need Help With 4x5 in colorado

    Figured out the problem....Digital Light meters need to be smashed just like the digital cameras used an old light meter i had and everything was perfect thanks for the help!

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