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Thread: mido filmholders

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    mido filmholders


    is anybody out there using MIDO filmholders.

    If yes, why? How do they handle? Any shortcomings? How do they handle in the field ( reloading in a changing bag or tent)?

    If no, why not anymore?

    And what is a realistic price to pay for them?

    Thanks in advance,


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    Drew Wiley
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    Re: mido filmholders

    With the demise of Quickload and Readyload packets, I'm taking a fresh look at my
    old Mido holders. There are two types of them. The first type was basically a vinyl sleeve which I never could make work. The type II resembles an ordinary filmholder
    but is thinner, and uses a clamshell type adapter to make up the thickness difference. This system weighs about 30% less than ordinary holders and is distinctly more compact. Loading is straightforward, even in a changing tent, as long
    as you've got a flat film surface below. A flat slab of rock in the shade works well.
    I used my Mido II holders on one backpack trip into the high Sierra each year for
    the last two years. I got a few minor light leaks in the corner of several images. I
    don't know if this is a technique issue or if specific holder are more prone to leak.
    I'll have to do some more testing. I've got two clamshells and twelve actual holders.

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    Re: mido filmholders

    I have purchased a set for the same reasons Drew Wiley has stated. I think I have Type II ... For a set of six holders + the adapter, i have paid $130.00 Have not field-tested them yet. I plan on using them on longer hikes. As far as loading and unloading them in a changing bag: you would need a flat surface to hold them in place as the holders are flexible and would otherwise be too flimsy to load. I foresee lots of practice sessions...

    They are rare and therefore expensive. There is a brand new set that someone from Osaka, Japan is selling. I remember seeing a post that claimed they were made for 5x7 film as well, which I am lusting for, but have never seen any for sale.

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    Re: mido filmholders

    Thank you guys for writing me your experiences. But I'm surprised, I mean, the MIDO II system looks almost prefect to me and i don't understand nobody using it.

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    Re: mido filmholders

    I have Mido I holders. I used to use them a lot, now less. However, for backpacking they are really convenient and cut down on the weight a lot. They are vinyl sleeves that hold two sheets of film and fit in a clamshell holder (similar to the old 2-sheet Readyloads).

    They do have some issues. First, they are a PITA to load; really troublesome. Nevertheless, after some wrestling, one can get them loaded. Second, they tend to leak light at the edges, through the vinyl. I fixed the last problem by using thin metal-foil tape on the edges of the sleeves. One has to be careful when pulling the sleeve when taking an exposure, but no more so than with Readyloads. The extended sleeves also blow about in the wind a lot, again, just like Readyloads. Other that the occasional light leak, I have had good results using Mido holders in the field. The loading headache is worth the weight reduction when I'm out for a week or so backpacking.

    For day hikes and short overnighters, however, I simply use regular holders. I work slowly and usually don't make more than 6-8 exposures a day, so I can justify carrying 10 regular holders with me. Still, the Midos would weigh less.

    Hope this helps,


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    Re: mido filmholders

    I have a large set, maybe 30 sleeves and 2 holders, from 2 sales on here in fact. They are a PITA to load initially, though I didn't find it any more troublesome than learning to load DDs. There are 2 different sorts, as has been mentioned here and the Mido II is certainly easier to load than the mkI. I use holders when close to the car etc, but the Midos are so light that I can carry 20-30 sheets for the same weight as half a dozen holders when on the hill or a long hike to a beach/woodland.
    I am happy to post some pics if you want to see some(assuming you haven't already) before buying. For the right price, and with some patience to learn to load 'em, I think they are worth having personally.


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    Re: mido filmholders

    Hello Gari, yes please post some pictures, as I'm really interested in these MIDO II holders. Searching in the archives and google, I didn't find a lot of pictures. As the holders are quite exotic, I would like to evaluate as much and close as possible before committing to buy.

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    Re: mido filmholders

    I have included a few images of the two different sleeves, as can be seen they load differently. The one on the right loads much like a standard holder, the film being slid in from the bottom, while the one on the left is loaded by putting the bottom edge in the "sleeve" and then slipping in the top edge in the same way. The first picture shows a sheet of film partly loaded. I found it just require a little practice to get the hang of loading the ones on the left, and it is easier in a darkroom/cupboard etc in that it is easier with some spare height.

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    Re: mido filmholders

    Thanks Gari, how about film flatness?

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    Re: mido filmholders

    Wouldn't mind owning a 5x7 version

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