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Thread: Selling Gandolfi Traditional 8x10?

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    Selling Gandolfi Traditional 8x10?

    Hi all

    Am getting older and haven't used this dear camera now for a number of years and I am thinking of selling it. Can anybody advise what's a ball park figure?.. Its approx 60 years old, I assume mahogony and is well used ( with a little split in the baseboard that hasn't changed in the 6 years or so Ive owned it. And also whats the best way to sell it? I assume Ebay!! I live in the UK.

    Thanks for all your suggestions

    ps I will keep my Gandolfi half plate with 5x7 back and Canham 7x5. Cant sell all the crown jewels :-)

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    Re: Selling Gandolfi Traditional 8x10?

    pictures would be good....

    a guy from Italy has twice tried to sell an 8x10 (older than the traditional, but with modern 8x10 back) on the bay for 1000$ without luck...

    But Gandolfi rocks! So it should be possible to get a decent price....

    I need pictures!

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    Re: Selling Gandolfi Traditional 8x10?

    Ok Pictures enclosed. Strange how the memory plays tricks. I havent looked at this camera for 2 years and in memory a split in the baseboaed when there is none. Bellows are fairly new. Condition of wood not too bad at all. And my affection for it returns. Needs a good clean....To sell or not to sell?? And best value?

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    Re: Selling Gandolfi Traditional 8x10?


    I have a similar one (looks slightly different at the front).

    I paid a LOT for that back in the early 90's.. (about 4500$....) but with several front plates - a nice lens in shutter - a 4x5 reducing back and a really sturdy travelling bag...

    Do you have front plates?

    I have seen Gandolfi's on the bay (and bought some - I have 6) and they tend to start/sell at about 1000$, whether it is 4x5 - 5x7 and lately the 8x10 that didn't sell...

    Personally I think the 8x10 is worth more.... but how much I don't really know..

    where are you located?
    In the states the Deardorf seem to rule - and getting higher prices than Gandolfi (which I can't understand), but as the camera is European, then maybe it is held higher over here?

    I'd love to have it, but I already have one, so I cant really justify that....

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    Re: Selling Gandolfi Traditional 8x10?

    just noticed a mint Gandolfi 8x10 (with gandolfi tripod and two lenses) for sale in UK...

    (could be mine, but isn't..)

    asking price:Price: 3,495.00 / $5,717.82 !!! (that's steep I think....)

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    Re: Selling Gandolfi Traditional 8x10?

    Thanks for positive comments Gandolfi and the ball park figure.

    I live in south west England, in a town called Taunton, between Bristol and Exeter. It is approx 150 miles from London.

    I developed a consistent interest in monochrome photography early in my 20s and slowly worked my way up to 8x10 but never really mastered large format. I have got 8x10, 5x7 and 4x5 cameras and de vere 8x10 and 5x7 enlargers and tried really hard to develop the skills for 3-4 years but, where I was confident with medium format, large format is an entirely different paradigm. I work in mental health and this takes it out of me now I am older and the large format stuff went on the back burner. I went to a Tilmann Crane workshop on Orkney approx 5 years ago and it didnt work out particularly well either. I retire next March ( aged 55 ) and I am considering applying for the Documentary photography Degree Course at Newport in Wales next September where film shooting and developing/printing skills would definitely be encouraged. My son is currently on this course and he is encouraging me to apply.

    I definitely want to return to large format work in some way. 8x10 might be too heavy though. I am explaining this to give some context as to the decision I need to make. I have also had 4 exhibitions of monochrome work on medium format in the 3 main art centres ( all different towns ) in Somerset, the last being of a pilgrimage from Seville to el Rocio in Andalucia shot on a Mamiya 6 2 years ago.

    I have been concentrating on digital capture since then and am currently loving colour per se. I am developing a nascent website ( ) to reflect my travels and interests. Some monochrome stuff is on there too. When I retire it should be fully functional with work for sale. It just seems easier right now to get in front of a pc screen than climb into a darkroom though I have retained most of my darkroom gear, though am just selling a 3004 and 3010 expert drum on ebay.

    Regarding the Gandolfi, all I have is what you see, plus a lens board made by Eddie Hill about 6 years ago. I went to his house ( where he had a little workshop attached which seemed to be the main place of manufacture/repair for the cameras) in a small village near Shaftsbury in Dorset and he was very courteous and made my lens board. Even then though there seemed little energy behind the Gandolfi brand and I got the sense of a dying marque. I have read that the exchange rate with the American markets was the reason for the decline but I also felt there was no advertising for Gandolfi of any sort at the time and Eddie was often difficult to get hold of due to other business interests. Other british cameras have succeeded ( eg Walker ) and of course now no more Gandolfi cameras are being produced but their website (not been really updated since I bought my Gandolfi ) says they still repair them. It strikes me as very sad.

    I have not seen a Deardoff but cannot comment. I also have a black half plate Gandolfi with a 5x7 back bought 3-4 years ago. My investment ( like yours ) has been significant. I use modern lenses though ( Nikon and Fuji ) which have served me well. Of course selling the 8x10 will also mean possibly selling the enlarger and all the accessories ie 10 dds etc. And I do like using the 5x7 Canham ( lighter, more modern and easier to carry for the environmental/documentary landscapes i would like to shoot ) and it would seem sensible to focus on only 1 LF size. Decisions decisions!!

    Ok enough of wandering conversations. A fair price would start at $1000 ( approx 650 - 700 pounds ), ebay is the obvious starting place ( though my original post has resulted in 2 pm enquiries ) and your advice is to value the camera ( as a photographic tool and piece of photographic history) and not give it away. Thank you very much for your comments.

    I am also aware of your interesting, stimulating and challenging work and enjoy its painterly feel. Its been a pleasure having this discussion.


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    Re: Selling Gandolfi Traditional 8x10?

    Quote Originally Posted by geoffbillett View Post
    I went to a Tilmann Crane workshop on Orkney approx 5 years ago and it didnt work out particularly well either.
    If you don't mind me asking, why were the results of this workshop not beneficial? It looks like he'll be in Orkney again in June. I've never taken a formal photography related workshop, but any workshop I've ever done has given me some new information that made the time and effort worthwhile. I've contemplated signing up for one of Mr. Crane's workshops and would appreciate any insight/experience.


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    Re: Selling Gandolfi Traditional 8x10?

    Could have been the wind and rain!
    West of Scotland, Faroes, Orkney and Shetlands can be not suitable for outdoor work if the Atlantic depressions just roll in from the west.

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    Re: Selling Gandolfi Traditional 8x10?

    That looks just like my own Gandolfi 10x8" "Precision"! And it's a "Precision", not a "Traditional". The name was changed when Eddie Hill took over the brand, as he didn't feel a wooden camera could defend the old name. The Gandolfi brothers called it Precision, and from the way all the slots in the screw heads are perfectly aligned this is definitely made by the brothers.

    I have an old 5x4" "Universal" too, and I can see why they named the new model "Precision". Oh - and I have a black 7x5" Traditional too. Great cameras, you won't find a better one.

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    Re: Selling Gandolfi Traditional 8x10?

    Goeff, that's a very very nice camera. Don't sell it, it's a piece of history parallel to the American Deardorff. Instead, send it to me and I will give it a loving home and sometimes make pictures with it. I'll pay the shipping.
    Seriously, that's a lovely piece of work.
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