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Thread: cambo sc lens and board combo

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    cambo sc lens and board combo


    I've checked over the threads and haven't been able to find a simple answer to my issue. I just obtained a cambo sc with 5 film holders. Now, my question is, what do I need to get up and running lens-wise. I'm stuck on being able to match up a lens with a lens board. Totally dumbfounded by the copal sizes and holes thing (sorry if I'm slow on the uptake)

    I'm looking for a starter wide angle lens to use for urban and rural landscape photography. I found a 90 F4.5 CAMBONAR WITH HORSEMAN BOARD (MEGAVISION T2/T32) lens on but have no idea what lens board I would need with it and what else I would need. The lens goes for 139.00 so that gives you an idea of my budget. I've worked with medium format and I'm just trying large format out so I don't want to dive into a financial pit yet.

    So, sorry for the basic question. I did look through the various beginner guides but just haven't been able to figure it out.

    Thanks for any help.

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    Re: cambo sc lens and board combo

    You want a Cambo board drilled to accept the shutter the lens is in. Accept no substitutes, they won't fit an SC.

    You can learn about hole sizes here: That's sizes for, in alphabetical order, Compur, Copal, Prontor, and Seiko shutters. Ilex and Wollensak (Alphax, Rapax/Graphex) also come in sizes 0, 1, 2, .. but don't conform to the Compur/Copal standard.

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    Re: cambo sc lens and board combo

    I looked at this lens on the KEH website. It is mounted in an electronically operated shutter.

    Cambonar lenses are re-badged Schneider Apo Componon HM enlarger lenses.

    It appears that this particular Cambonar lens was adapted to an electronic shutter and mounted on a Horseman board for a special application.

    Spend a little more and purchase a proper wide angle lens for your Cambo SC. Keh has a wide selection of previously owned lenses at reasonable prices.

    Most are mounted in Copal 0 shutters that use a 34-35mm lens board opening.

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    Re: cambo sc lens and board combo

    I see several 90mm lenses on the KEH site that might provide what you need, and each of them are under $300. The first is a Caltar II-N f/6.8, which is a rebadged Rodenstock Grandagon and an excellent lens, and in terms of value probably the best deal of the bunch. The second is an older Schneider Super Angulon f/8, which is still a modern wide-field lens. The third is an Ilex-Calumet Wide-Field Caltar, which was made by Ilex using a design similar to a Super Angulon. It is a good lens, and probably under-appreciated. The Seiko shutter on that lens is missing the fitting for a cable release, which is a problem, but if you can hold steady when you push the button, it might make possible (budget-wise) what would otherwise be impossible. It's the cheapest usable lens I see. I would probably spend a little more and get the Caltar II-N.

    They have a very inexpensive 90mm lens that is mounted in a Sinar DB mount, which you should avoid. It cannot be mounted on a Cambo board and you'll have to find a shutter for it. It's a good deal for people who already have the Sinar DB system.

    Rick "lotsa good deals at KEH at the moment" Denney

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    Re: cambo sc lens and board combo

    Quote Originally Posted by Dan Fromm View Post
    You want a Cambo board drilled to accept the shutter the lens is in. Accept no substitutes, they won't fit an SC.
    Additional detail: For the SC you'll want the 6.41 inch square Cambo or Calumet board. It is the 11th one from the top (if I counted correctly) at:

    "Accept no substitutes, they won't fit an SC."

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    Re: cambo sc lens and board combo

    Thanks for the great advice. I'm really going to have to think about what to do next.

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