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Do you happen to have Andy Falco e-mail address? If you have, maybe you send me e-mail.

I am wandering if this is only a problem if I work in color or does it also affects b&w work (I guess it does).



Do you have some sort of colorometer to check your universal controller? But befor you worry about that, have you noticed any variance between prints at the same setting? Before you call Andy, try this test -

1. Dial in filtration and time for desired contrast and exposure for your print - write this data down.
2. Turn off the power supply.
3. Wait five minutes and turn it back on.
4. Go to analyze mode and run the channels all the way to zero and then back to the settings you wrote down.
5. Make another print making sure that dev. temp. and dev. time is identical to what it was for step one.

If you notice a large enough variance between the two prints and if that bugs you, call Andy. Check out http://photographyrepairs.4t.com/beseler.htm for details.