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Thread: rodenstock grandagon-N 75mm (f6.8)

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    rodenstock grandagon-N 75mm (f6.8)

    Hello , first of all thanks for all the nice tips and answers to my questions. W ell , i'm thinking to buy a grandagon-N 75mm (6.8) ,almost new, with lensboard a nd a balg for 840$ ,is this to much asked ? and second ,is the lens good for lan dscapes and huge buildings (in and outside) ? i know that the lenscircle is big enough for some movement but a super angulon has a greater one ? Please give me some advice because 840$ is much for me , patrick

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    rodenstock grandagon-N 75mm (f6.8)

    Considering that Calumet sells this lens (under their Caltar brand name) for $800 new, I'd have to say that $840 is way to much for a used one.

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    rodenstock grandagon-N 75mm (f6.8)

    Robert White has them new for around $700 U.S. Check out the website.

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    rodenstock grandagon-N 75mm (f6.8)

    I have bought 2 Rodenstocks from Robert White, and recommend RW very highly. But... if you are in the US, do yourself a favor and check with Badger Graphics first for Rodenstock lenses.

    Jeff is VERY competitive on Rodenstocks with Robert White in the UK. Furthermore, shipping from the UK is $50 USD, so take that into consideration as part of the final price.

    Personally, I would not do a 75/6.8 Grandagon-N. My first choice would the Schneider 72XL, and tied for second place would be the Nikkor-SW 75mm (I own one) or the 75/4.5 Grandagon-N. I believe all 3 are better performers than the slower Grandagon. The 72XL by far has the most movement.

    If you are buying used, pay no more than 66% of new price.

    If you are buying on eBay, understand those buyers often pay more than fair value for a used lens. You must know your 66% range before bidding on eBay. The only exception to the 66% guideline is if the lens is not a current production model. F'rinstance, if you come across a Red Dot Artar or APO Lanthar, you are going to pay the price asked. They don't make these anymore, and they are not commodity used items.

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