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Thread: Hello from Houston

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    Hello from Houston

    Hi all, being a long time lurker I decided to join. The tipping point is my recent success shooting at Galveston Island State Park a week ago and developing the 8x10 sheets. I started shooting 4x5 in 1987. 18 months ago I started in 8x10. Both give me much gratification. Through the years I've sold a few 4x5 transparencies to publications, but mostly I shoot LF for fun. The members here are a great group and I hope to make contributions to the excellence found in this forum. David

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    Re: Hello from Houston

    any pics of galveston island... i live in houston and would like to see what it looks like

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    Re: Hello from Houston

    Is very good to hear Houston I'm the comanding officer of Apollo 19 in Switzerland, just joking;--)))
    Just remembered me on my time when I was watching TV at the Apollo and Gemini times!
    Warm welcome David from the mountains, Armin

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    Re: Hello from Houston

    Welcome to group therapy, David!

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