I have a Rodenstock 210 Apo-Sironar S lens that has a bum shutter. The speeds seem accurate except for 1/60th, which sticks open and seems more like a half-second. I shot a few test sheets yesterday so I'll know soon if the other speeds are working properly. But they seem to be. I don't have a shutter tester but I did test-fire it next to a known-accurate #1 shutter on a different lens. All the speeds seem good except the 1/60th.

I need the lens for an upcoming trip (in about a week) and I don't have time to get it properly fixed. So I have two options.

1. Use it as-is for the trip. I can't remember the last time I used 1/60th, so I could live without it. The fear would be that it may die completely, and that would be a problem since I need the lens for my project.

2. I could buy a new Copal shutter...B&H has them in stock and I could have it tomorrow. Then I could get the bad shutter fixed later and I'd have a spare, not a bad idea since a few of my main lenses are in Copal #1 shutters. My question here is--since I have the aperture scales and the shim that is currently between the front cell and the shutter--can I just swap the cells, shim and aperture scale onto the new shutter? Or does it need some other sort of calibration?

What's the best course of action? I'd kind of prefer to just use it as-is, but I'm curious what the chances are that the shutter could lose other speeds.