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Thread: Sliding back - what film holder size?

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    Sliding back - what film holder size?

    I have a sliding back for a half plate camera (4 3/4 x 6 1/2") and I don't know what size film or film holder it would use. The hole in the fixed section of the back is 2" wide x 3" high and the ground glass size is around 5 1/4" wide x 3 1/4" high. It looks as though it is designed to take two side by photos on the same piece of film.

    It has a simple spring back which when lifted gives a gap of just under one inch.

    And the space for the film holder is around 18.5cm long by 11.5 cm wide. There is a slot at the open end for locating the holder around 17cm from the other end.

    Can anyone suggest what double dark slides and film size would fit this back?

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    Re: Sliding back - what film holder size?

    Try Alan Brubaker at
    As he makes holders he may have an answer.
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