Can you do N-1 development with C-41 chemistry? I am using the JOBO CPP-2 proce ssor with the 3010 drum to process my 4x5 color negatives. Recently, I forgot to preheat my drum before processing negatives for a portrait . This lowered my processing temperature. When I examined the negatives I foun d the following:

1. There was no color shifts.

2. The density of the shadow areas were not effected.

3. The density of the highlight areas were significantly reduced.

4. I was still able to make acceptable prints from the negatives although they were flat do to the lack of contrast.

All of this seems to imply that contracted devlopment can be done with C-41 proc essing. Most publications and experts say no. I have read in a few places that say yes - by altering the development times. In my case the temperatures were c hanged.