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Thread: ISO and Temp.

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    ISO and Temp.

    It is now getting very cold in New York and I want to shoot 8x10 cityscapes but I'm concerned about the weather and temperature affecting my film. If you know anything about this or have any suggestions let me know.

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    ISO and Temp.

    Cold temperatures will affect the effective film speed of Polaroid materials, bu t shouldn't affect "real" film.

    If you are out long enough in cold enough weather the lubricants in your shutter s might be affected.

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    ISO and Temp.

    I regularly work in temps to -15F and have seen no effect on E-6 color tranparency film speed.

    A couple of hints if you're just starting to work in cold temperatures. 1) Use an expired credit card to scrape your condensed breath from the ground glass. Holding your breath while you're under the dark cloth will minimize the need for this, but some condensation seems unavoidable. 2) You breath will also condense on the cold surface of your lenses and filters so be careful of where your exhalations are directed. It will also condense on the camera body and monorail or bed. I use a TK 4x5, and if I've exhaled too much on the rails, collapsing it for travel can be aggravating.

    Keep warm! Bruce

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