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Thread: Nikon Nikkor Apo-Nikkor F:9 - 240 mm

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    Nikon Nikkor Apo-Nikkor F:9 - 240 mm

    Hello !
    I've got this lens near free. In it's wooden bow with a set of parts that puzzle me.
    There is a picture of it here :
    As you can see there is a silver colored lever on a ring above the stops markings.
    This lever opens a gate in the lens barrel and on this gate one can put something looking like filter holder (for Kodak gelatin filters I think) and/or one of what seems to be a F-stop of very small value (the hole in it is less than a millimeter diameter).
    I wonder what use one can put to these contraptions ? and what effect they may have on the lens's performance ?
    Also, I would be glad to get more information on Nikon process lenses if available ....
    Many thanks in advance for your help !

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    Re: Nikon Nikkor Apo-Nikkor F:9 - 240 mm

    The lens was designed for photoengraving. It will take filters and Waterhouse stops, which would be the one with the hole. These stops were made with different shaped holes for use in making half-tones, and the filters for color separations.

    The lens will work well in the field stopped down. You need not worry about stops and filters, just keep the slot closed to prevent dust entering.

    I have the 450mm version of this lens; super sharp and good contrast.

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    Re: Nikon Nikkor Apo-Nikkor F:9 - 240 mm

    Georges, there's a catalog here:

    Merg, your 450/9 Apo Nikkor is a tessar type. Georges' 240/9 is a dialyte type. There were two series of Apo Nikkors:

    f (mm) max aperture type mount weight (g)

    150 f/9 tessar 53x0.75 175
    180 f/9 dialyte 53x0.75 210
    210 f/9 tessar 53x0.75 185
    240 f/9 dialyte 53x0.75 220
    300 f/9 tessar 53x0.75 240
    305 f/9 dialyte 72x1 430
    360 f/9 dialyte 72x1 470
    420 f/9 dialyte 90x1 780
    450 f/9 tessar 72x1 550
    455 f/9 dialyte 90x1 810
    480 f/9 dialyte 90x1 860
    600 f/9 tessar 90x1 775
    610 f/9 dialyte 110x1 1,450
    750 f/9 tessar 110x1 2,015
    760 f/11 dialyte 110x1 1,360
    890 f/11 dialyte 162x1.5 3,600
    900 f/9 tessar 140x1.5 3,570
    1,070 f/12.5 unk unk 1,600
    1,200 f/9 tessar 213x1.5 8,385
    1,210 f/12.5 dialyte 162x1.5 3,800
    1,780 f/14 dialyte 213x1.5 6,430
    1,800 f/14 tessar 213x1.5 8,860

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    Re: Nikon Nikkor Apo-Nikkor F:9 - 240 mm

    Dan, thanks.

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    Re: Nikon Nikkor Apo-Nikkor F:9 - 240 mm

    Thank you both, my lens is definitely the 4 lenses Dialyte design. I've to read the literature and make some test in front of a sheet of film in my 4x5 camera... Have to devise a rig to use the lens though...

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    Re: Nikon Nikkor Apo-Nikkor F:9 - 240 mm

    I have the 240mm f/9 Apo Nikkor, don't know which version. My sample is very/extremely sharp down to about f/16 then it starts fuzzing out the more you stop down to the point that it is useless at f/64. I still use it on occasion.

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