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Thread: Picked this camera in Japan. Any info?

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    Re: Picked this camera in Japan. Any info?

    I have a whole plate camera, one closer to that of the OP than the one Tin Can posted. It was made locally in Pakistan and uses the book form holders of which I have two. I took a shot in the dark and used a 2mm glass cut to size as a spacer in the holders for use with x-ray film. I not noticed an image shift even wide open, but then I also have nothing to compare it with or any experience with any other LF camera.

    Was using it with a Carl Zeiss Jena 21cm/5.6 barrel lens and have just started to use a Fujinon 150/5.6 on it. The lens board measures 101mm x 114mm (4 x 4.5 inches roughly)

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    Re: Picked this camera in Japan. Any info?

    Plate size definition vary. Consider these experts.

    However Plate Camera makers used to make their Plate Holders to match.

    Some still do.

    But a common problem even recently.

    4X10 does not fit 4X10

    Vive la révolution!

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    Re: Picked this camera in Japan. Any info?

    Hi Reed,

    I also use the Fujinon 150 as well as the Fujinon 135 and a Schneider 90mm f5.6. Mine takes the Linhof boards which is great because I have a Linhof.
    I got the Hasemi because it weighs 1.5kg and is very good for hiking. I searched around for any info on the camera or company and I have narrowed the camera manufacturing to sometime in the 50's.
    The company from what I gathered was somewhere in Tokyo and I have also seen an 8x10 model.



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