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Thread: Azo&ferrotyping

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    I've been trying to ferrotype Azo without success. I've had trouble with micro-f ine bubbles, sticking to glass, concentric rings from print drying from outside to center, and you name it. Rust from stainless surface. Is there someone who ca n explain a method of successful ferrotyping to me. Thank you, David

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    I used to do this many years ago. I used a ferrotyping plate (chrome plated steel, I believe). I remember using ferrotype polish to prepare the plate and recall my results were somewhat less than 100% perfect. I also recall using photoflo as a wetting agent to minimize bubbles and imperfections. That seemed to help. I've never had any success using a drum type dryer. I'm as curious now as you to hear what others have come up with.

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    Use chromed metal tins. Polish them with Bon Ami cleanser. Treat the prints in Pakosol or make your own from photo-flo and glycerin. Lay them on the tin rather wet and roll or squeegee into good contact. I use a Premier heated dryer with good results.

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