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Thread: Bright lenses for LF

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    Bright lenses for LF

    Would appreciate information on these lenses:

    Ziess Planar 100mm f/2.8 typically used at $695.

    Schneider Xenon 50mm f/2 typically used at $500.

    or Wollensak 75mm f/1.9 typically used at $150.

    what is the filter size, shutter size, weight, angle of coverage of these lenses ? What is the minimum aperture? Are they sharp? and have sufficient coverage for a 4x5 view camera (assuming a camera like the Horseman LE).

    Any info appreciated.

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    Bright lenses for LF

    I'll give you my non-answer: I only know about Schneider LF lenses, and I can't track down the one you mention. I can say that it won't cover 5x4. You are aware that they make a 47/5.6 for 5x4. If they did a 50/2, it would be 3 stops faster, and I would be first in the queue for one!

    I suspect the same is true for the other lenses. They might cover 6x6 (cm).

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    Bright lenses for LF


    I once asked someone who seemed knowledgeable about the 75 mm Wollensak and he told me it did not cover 4x5. There was one for sale at a surplus yard I was thinking about.

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