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Thread: light magenta vertical banding/stripes on prints ?

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    light magenta vertical banding/stripes on prints ?

    I have a Epson Stylus R2400 printer. I just put in all new Epson ink. went through the print utility to align, clean, etc. But I still have a very light pink/magenta vertical banding/stripes showing on my prints. It really shows more on the left side of my prints. You can see it faintly though out the rest of the print. How can I find a solution to this? Thank you!

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    Re: light magenta vertical banding/stripes on prints ?

    Sounds like a paper feeding problem. Did you tried different papers?

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    Re: light magenta vertical banding/stripes on prints ?

    I don't know your printer, but when I got banding on the 24 inch Epson, I did a manual head alignment. This may not work on a desktop, but I would concider It a place to start.


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