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Thread: Classic Photographs Los Angeles -- Photography Fair

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    Classic Photographs Los Angeles -- Photography Fair

    I'm not affiliated with this show in any way. I thought it might be of interest...

    The Helms Daylight Studio, located in the heart of the Helms Bakery District, will be the site for a two day photography fair featuring thirteen internationally known dealers exhibiting 19th and 20th century European, American, and Asian photography. Works by Ansel Adams, Eugène Atget, Imogen Cunningham, Frederick Evans, William Henry Jackson, André Kertész, Eikoh Hosoe, Dorothea Lange, Daido Moriyama, Eadweard Muybridge, Carleton Watkins and Edward Weston, in addition to historic and vernacular photographs will be for sale. Admission is free and open to the public.

    Exhibitors include: Joseph Bellows Gallery, Michael Dawson Gallery, Etherton Gallery, Charles A. Hartman Fine Art, Steven Kasher Gallery, Lee Gallery, Carl Mautz Vintage Photographs, Richard Moore Photographs, Scott Nichols Gallery, William L. Schaeffer Photographs, Andrew Smith Gallery, The Weston Gallery, and Stephen White Associates.

    Highlights of the fair include a previously unknown portrait taken by the elusive Margrethe Mather of anarchist Alexander Berkman. Seldom do photographers’ biographies read “orphan, high school drop out, teenage runaway, prostitute, bisexual” but such was the hard, brief life of Margrethe Mather. Little is known about her for few concrete artifacts survive. Her negatives are lost, a causality of careless storage; her lover of a decade - Edward Weston - burned diary pages pertaining to her. Neither ambitious nor self-promoting it is conceivable that she wanted to be forgotten. Berkman was visiting Los Angeles with his lover, noted writer and anarchist Emma Goldman, and Mather’s Bunker Hill studio was a frequent meeting place for the bohemian community of Southern California. Taken in 1915 Mather’s portrait of Berkman reveals a quiet psychological force of this advocate of anarchism, who two years later would be jailed and then deported to Russia.

    Also on view will be a group of vintage photographs of California taken in the 1930s by LeRoy Robbins. In 1937, Robbins worked on the Federal Arts Project, joining a group of California photographers that included Edward Weston, Brett Weston, Sonya Noskowiak, and others. Robbins emerges among his contemporaries as particularly adept at obliquely referencing the definitive issues of his day. His representations of physical terrain capture the juxtaposition of hope and desperation, progress and destruction - dichotomies that defined the era.

    Classic Photographs Los Angeles is a relaxed and informal venue to purchase fine art photographs in a variety of price ranges from knowledgeable and reputable dealers in the field. The emphasis of the exhibition is on small-scale works of art representing the rich texture of photographic history.

    Ample parking is available in the lot off Hutchison Avenue, in two lots at the intersection of Venice Boulevard and Helms Avenue, as well as limited street parking. Restaurants at the Helms Bakery District include Beacon, Father’s Office, La Dijonaise, Let’s Be Frank, Lukshone, and Café Surfas. Come and spend the day with us.

    Visit for links to the websites of all dealers participating in Classic Photographs Los Angeles.

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    Re: Classic Photographs Los Angeles -- Photography Fair

    PS. Here is the location info:

    Helms Daylight Studio
    3221 Hutchison Ave. #E
    Los Angeles, CA 90034

    Contact: Amanda Doenitz
    Phone: (310) 205-0326
    Hours: Saturday, January 15: 11am-7pm;
    Sunday, January 16: 12-5pm; Admission is Free

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    Re: Classic Photographs Los Angeles -- Photography Fair

    Is invitation necessary or is walk-in OK.

    Mike Clark

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    Re: Classic Photographs Los Angeles -- Photography Fair

    As far as I know walk-in is OK.

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    Re: Classic Photographs Los Angeles -- Photography Fair

    I *really* wish they did stuff like this in Elkhart!

    Politically, aerodynamically, and fashionably incorrect.

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