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Thread: Why do you photograph?

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    Re: Why do you photograph?

    'Cause I'm a lousy accountant, and too lazy to be an engineer. HA!
    When I grow up, I want to be a photographer.

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    Re: Why do you photograph?

    I'm not sure. but I think its mostly because im bored., I like to tinker and it's fun
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    Re: Why do you photograph?

    Secret reasons:

    — I like the look of my hardrock maple tripod supporting my cherry wood camera.

    (What could be more beautiful? )

    — Composing images on the GG gives me the pleasant illusion that nature is mine to control.

    — Watching images appear in the developer tray … no words can describe the magic. None.

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    Re: Why do you photograph?

    Quote Originally Posted by Oren Grad View Post
    ...seeing what things look like when photographed
    Garry Winogrand always said he photographed "to see what things looked like when they were photographed.

    Heroique: Watching images appear in the developer tray no words can describe the magic. None.
    I love this aspect of photography as well.

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    Re: Why do you photograph?

    I'm interested to hear why you photographers out there photograph.

    To make a picture.

    What drives you to go out and do this?
    Usually my car.

    Don Bryant

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    Re: Why do you photograph?

    Striving to master something restructures your brain and develops skills. And photography (like reading and music) seems to develop far more interesting skills than mastering video games.

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    Re: Why do you photograph?

    Beats the hell oughtta me.

    I also can't stop playing music, and I'm certainly no good at that, either.

    When I figure it out, I'll let you know.

    Rick "who has tried, unsuccessfully, to stop making photos on several occasions" Denney

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    Re: Why do you photograph?

    All the above. I originally started learning photography so I could be "good enough" to take photos to use as subject matter for painting and drawing. Then I pulled the first roll of film out of the developing tank and saw that wow, I actually made it work! And the first print that materialized in the developer tray was the final bit of magic that convinced me I needed to do more than become functional - I wanted to MASTER this medium. One discovery has led to another, which in turn spawned another path for me to pursue, and here I am almost 20 years later, shooting a 14x17 and making gum and platinum prints.

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    Re: Why do you photograph?

    because its a great chalenge

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    Re: Why do you photograph?

    Because the possibility of taking a photograph, makes me look at things more intensely. Even when I don't have a camera with me, I am sometimes planning out what I could do, and what might be interesting, if I come back with one.

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