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Thread: Sonnar 5.6 250mm

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    Sonnar 5.6 250mm

    Does anybody have used a Zeiss sonnar 5,6 250mm and knows the quality of this lens and the year of bilding of a sonnar Nr: 4948844 thanks for your answer

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    Sonnar 5.6 250mm


    First of all, I will assume you are referring to a Linhof large format 250mm Zeiss Sonnar since this is a large format website. I have owned two of these lenses and think very highly of them. I can provide you with some general information:

    1. Serial Number 4948844 was manufactured in 1970. This is one of the last 250mm Sonnars, as they were discontinued before serial number 5000000.

    2. The lens was first introduced in late 1957 - early 1958....the formula was never changed. This lens was never multicoated from the factory.

    3. The lens performs its best at wide apertures, but continues to perform well at smaller ones as well.

    4. High resolution and even illumination. Excellent color correction.

    5. Specifications: aperture range f/5.6 - f/45; useful diameter of image circle in mm. is 185; slip-on filter size 80mm; screw-in filter size 77mm; shutter - Compur # 1 - 1 second through 1/400, T and B; 5 element lens.

    6. This lens is VERY PRONE to separation between the 2nd and 3rd element. Both of mine had this problem. If you find one without separation, most likely it will develop this at a later date. One can be obtain less expensive with separation and can be corrected by Focal Point Lens without a problem - Ask for John. John has done work for me on my lenses, including recoating the rear surface of my 135mm Planar and his work is perfect. I won't discuss his prices but I think he is very fair and reasonable.

    7. This lens is more rare than the 75mm Biogon and 135mm Planar.

    This is all I can think of as far as information. It is an excellent lens and collectable. Please feel free to contact me with additional questions on this lens, along with the other large format Zeiss lenses.

    Best regards,

    J. P. Mose

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