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Thread: What subjects do we shoot?

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    What subjects do we shoot?

    This question is kind of a follow-up to Joe Kras' "How old are we?" question. B ecause of the time required to setup and compose using LF, some subjects lend th emselves more to LF than others. I'd be curious to know what subjects people sh oot in LF and perhaps some things you may have tried that wouldn't normally be a ssociated with LF.

    As for me, I've mostly been doing landscape and macro photography in the Bay Are a (California), though I'm currently thinking of ways to add more spontaneity to my photos. I've been thinking of setting up my camera on a busy street corner (San Francisco is nearby) and taking spontaneous group photos of the pedestrians across the street waiting for the light to change.

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    What subjects do we shoot?

    John, I'm drawn to interiors of abandoned houses and other structures, often shooting details up close. For several years, I did a personal project documenting old roadside architecture and other stuff along U.S. 60, which is one of this country's (United States) original transcontinental highways. I still like to do that when I get time away from my day job. I also like to shoot garden variety landscapes and really anything else where the quality of light catches my eye. I want to take more large format images of my 5-year-old son, but he won't sit still long enough for me to do that! Maybe when he's older.

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    What subjects do we shoot?

    John, I shoot, landscapes, foliage, RailRoad buildings and stock, (disapearing in Vt.) new road construction, logging roads, ponds in the back woods.


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    What subjects do we shoot?

    John, I shoot mainly English coastal scenes, architecture, piers, jetties, groins, als o natural forms, rock pools, rock details etc. I normally shoot very early in th e day and oftern use long time exposures. I shoot on 5x4, 6x12cm and 6x9cm.

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    What subjects do we shoot?

    Lanscapes of desert southwest and eastern sierra, especially the ancient bristlecone forest which fascinates me, and derelict machinery/ structures that are lost in a time warp. The other day I was traveling and came across a '38 Dodge body in the sage brush. Not so uncommon, but inside one of the seat backs still had original fabric?! After 40+ years in the desert extremes! I set up the 4X5 and used the 6.8 Angulon. Wright Morris's stuff comes to mind.
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    What subjects do we shoot?

    I shoot just about anything that grabs my attention and dosen't move (or at least stays still long enough for me to get the shot.) I enjoy shooting wilderness landscapes, historic, urban, and rural scenes too. My ongoing project is to bag every 14,000+' peak in California( dare I hope North America?) with an aerial 8x10 camera and still keep a roof over my family.
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    What subjects do we shoot?

    In large format I shoot landscapes, portraits, and architecture.

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    What subjects do we shoot?

    I get bored easily so i give myself assignments.

    I have shot cemeteries, old kitchen gadgets, interesting compositions extrapolated from everyday life, urban landscapes, poirtrature, and soon i will start my most important project i will ever takle....

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    What subjects do we shoot?

    I'm omniphotografus. (So I didn't take Latin...) I photograph what doesn't move away too fast or shoot at me.

    By and large its trees and rocks and whatever, but occasionally I find old houses and barns and graveyards. Occasionally I photograph people.
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    What subjects do we shoot?

    I use LF for pretty much anything that doesn't require 3200 film and an f/1.4 lens. Architecture, interiors, landscape, product, stil life, portraiture, etc.
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