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Thread: Big Lens & Shutter configurations

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    Big Lens & Shutter configurations

    I am trying to set up some big lenses (rear element greater than 3.5-4 in.) into 8x10s Kodak 2 & Deardorff cameras. Fastening the lens to the lens board & Lens board modification isn't a problem. The Shutter is the obstacle.

    Is a Packard mounted to the outside of the lens the best set up. It would be nice to have one shutter that would work on a range of lenses.

    I would be grateful to hear what has worked for you.



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    Re: Big Lens & Shutter configurations

    I had a 35" Red Dot in barrel and had SK Grimes make me an adapter that allowed me to use a Packard shutter on the front of the lens. Grimes had a rubber band in slotted grooves to hold the adapter in place on the front of the lens. There is no reason that this shutter could have multiple applications for other barrel lenses.

    The other good news is that I found the Packard website and they are making a wide range of new shutters including a #6 that is a consistent 1/25 sec with one bulb squeeze or it can be used as a timed event. They have various diameters of offerings to meet just about any needs.

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    Re: Big Lens & Shutter configurations

    Jay, Here's how I mounted my 6 1/2" Packard inside my 2D Kodak. Made many many nice photos with that old rig. It continues to be my mainstay. There's some pics of it in action here at my daughters wedding. Lens was a 15 1/2" Series VI Knuckler. Rather important photos. I made 4 exposures. All perfectly usable.

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    Re: Big Lens & Shutter configurations

    Michael & Jim,

    Greatly appreciate our responses. Michael, I have looked at the Packard site numerous times and for some reason I thought their shutters where more $. I missed a big one on ebay a couple weeks ago. I have a couple more lenses on their way when they show up I will give Packard a call.

    Jim, I have looked at many of your images and read of our SF Adventures. Great Stuff. Thanks for the link to the wedding images and your kodak set up. The old kodak can handle a Knuckler. I was somewhat apprehensive about that. But it will work.

    Thank you Gentlemen!

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    Re: Big Lens & Shutter configurations

    Packard shutter front-mounted on a 32 inch APO-Ronar using a plate fabricated by S. K. Grimes with a threaded flange to fit the lensís standard 105mm filter thread. The plate is bolted to the shutter using the existing hole in each corner of the shutter housing and allows the shutter to be threaded onto any lens that has or is adapted to a 105mm filter thread.

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