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Thread: Salthill enlarger questions.

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    Salthill enlarger questions.


    I recently purchased a Salthill enlarger and need some info/help on it.

    1: Where can I get an instruction manual? (Original or photocopy)

    2: Where can I get negative carriers or... what type can be substituted?

    3: Where can I find a lensboard (original or substitute) for it. The original is missing.

    4: Where can I find any info about it?

    I am basically looking for anything in regards to instructions, parts lists or n umbers, current or past users who can provide advice, etc? I understand that the company has been out of business for some time.

    The enlarger needs some TLC. There is some corrosion on the screws and rivets an d the plastic for the focuser has been stripped so I will need to replace that i n order to focus the lens. Thank you for any help that you can provide.

    Please respond to:



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    Salthill enlarger questions.

    Sean, this photographer uses a Salthill and may be able to provide answers to your questions. Also this page from B&H publication talks about Joseph Saltzer as a new empolyee, maybe you can contact him about where his inventory went when he went out of business. ""Also, B&H Photo-Video is proud to announce that Joseph Saltzer, founder and owner of SaltHill, the Westchester, New York-based company which made a variety of esoteric and excellent darkroom products including an innovative before-its-time fibre-optic enlarger has begun working in our retail store in the Photo Department. We are excited that Joseph has joined our organization and we're confident that he will be an asset for our customers. Visit him in our retail store at 420 Ninth Avenue anytime. Hope this helps. Ed

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    Salthill enlarger questions.

    I think you are quoting an old release. I believe Joe is no longer at the store.

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    Salthill enlarger questions.

    Mr. Saltzer responded to some questions asked either here or in the large format news group within the last couple months. If you do a Google search on his name you should be able to get an e mail address from his messages.
    Brian Ellis
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    Salthill enlarger questions.


    Thank you for all the help. I "may" have a lead on Mr. Saltzer but only time will tell if the contact info is correct. If anyone else has any info on Salthill enlargers, spare parts, instructions, etc... I would greatly appreciate it.



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    Salthill enlarger questions.

    I have a Salthill enlarger and it is the best I have ever used.
    I can copy the instruction book for you.
    If you need parts I think you are on your own, try a local machine shop to build them for you.

    I might sell mine this summer if anyone is interested.

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    Salthill enlarger questions.

    I can help. I make things for large format enthusiasts. Please email me if you still need some things for your enlarger. Thank you

    Barry Young

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    Salthill enlarger questions.

    Dear Sean,

    I can copy my manual for you. You will also need an alignment tool, which is a variation of the zig-align. Maybe they can sell you one that fits. Neg carriers are heavy duty and have a glass cover on one side only. If you are without anything, I can measure mine and let you know the sizes. Lensboards are also unique, called focusing stages. for my 50mm I use the helical mount.the others are like nesting boxes with a focus track on the right side.

    You will mostly have to ask around and work with a machine shop or a guy like Barry Young, to make it serviceable.

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    Re: Salthill enlarger questions.

    I to could use a copy of the Salthill enlarger instructions. I you do not mind could you email a copy to thank you

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    Re: Salthill enlarger questions.

    I would be curious to see some photos of the setup. I remember these with envy from years ago. I wonder if the fiber optic lights ever burn out? I have never seen one available used.

    I picked up a Salthill print washer and did not like it. It had one fragile piece that was broken so I gave it away. I did buy a Salthill safelight and think it is really slick. There is one listed on Ebay now I think.

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