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Thread: Wooden film holder

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    Wooden film holder

    After having a trouble of new Fidelity film holders, I'm going to try non-mass p roduction, wooden film holders. AWB and Lotus offeres rather expsensive holders. According to their claim those wooden holders are high quality and reliable. Does anyone use such holders ? Do you think should I spend on them ? I use a Deardorff 11x14. As for 8x10, Fidelity holder is just fine.

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    Wooden film holder


    My hat is off to you! I don't shoot 11X14 but would love to some year when finances allow. In the meantime I buy used holders and as a result, almost all of my 8X10 holders and about 33% of my 5X7 holders are wooden. Aside from checking them out thoroughly before purchase and cleanning them extensively afterwards, I have had no problems with them. Light leaks in the darkslide can be patched with electrician's tape, although a replacement slide isn't that expensive.

    I don't know AWB but Lotus' cameras seem good enough and I'd imagine they have a MBG of somekind. Stateside, Ron Wisner makes wooden holders and his 11X14's are actually cheaper, new, than Fidelitys. He has a dealers in Manilla, Taiwan, Singapore, & Seoul and at one time one in Hong Kong. You can phone him at 1-888-848-4489 pacific coast. Whatever you do, good luck!

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    Wooden film holder

    The Lotus Holders are great. Fully recommended.

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