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Thread: Kearsarge 301 Timer

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    Robert Bowring
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    Kearsarge 301 Timer

    I just received a Kearsarge 301 electronic timer. I use an Omega D2 with an Aristo VCL 4500 variable contrast cold light head. I know that some electronic timers are not compatible with cold light heads. Does anyone know if I can safely use this timer with my enlarger? I don't think Aristo is around anymore so I would really hate to blow up the cold light head.

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    Re: Kearsarge 301 Timer

    More likely to burn up the timer.
    You can use the timer to run a relay for the CL head though. That way the timer opens & closes the relay which turns the power to the CL on/off.
    If you work on cars or motorcycles, it's the same way a horn circuit works. It allows a small current to control a device that requires a large current.

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