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Thread: Need opinion on Omega D5XL

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    Need opinion on Omega D5XL

    I have an oportunity to buy an Omega D5XL (for B&W only). I am not so sure of th e perfomance of the actual enlarger but, what tempts me are the goodies that com e with it. 3 Componon-S lenses (50mm, 80mm & 150mm) all in prestine condition pl us 6 glass & glassless negative carriers in various size to go with the lenses a bove. The total cost is $750 + taxes. I have inspected the enlarger, there is a wheel at the back missing but it does not affect the sturdiness of the equipment . I woul like to get your opinion on the perfomance of the equipment, I know the carriers and lenses by themselves are way over $750! Oh, all these lenses are a ttached to one lensboard - it works just like the microscope (there is a technic al name for it, but I have forgot).


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    Need opinion on Omega D5XL


    I have been using the D5 for quite some time. This is the shorter column otherwise identical to the D5XL. This is a very sturdy enlarger, easy to align, very easy to get parts and accessories. I did replace the condensors with an Aristo Cold Light head. I had no problems with the condensors except that one element had a deep scratch near the center which caused uneven illumination. The price seems to be good if indeed all the lenses are in good shape. I paid about $375 for the enlarger with no lenses, carriers or lensboards. A used Componon-S 150mm lens would sell for $200-300. I say go for. Just check your ceiling height to be sure the long column fits.

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    Need opinion on Omega D5XL

    Buy it! It is an enlarger that you will be able to hand down the generations. It is an industry standard and is extremely durable and reliable. As stated, the parts are readily available and there are some good attachments too. The lens turret is worth about $150+- itself.

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    Need opinion on Omega D5XL

    I own A D5-XL with the colour head and I also have an 80 and 135 Componon-S lenses. Those three lenses are worth almost $750, so maybe you should buy it!

    You should also buy a cold head or a colour head for it as soon as possible. I got into a pissing contest on this issue a few years ago but unless you live to spot prints a diffusion or colour head is going to make an incredible difference. Diffusion enlargers are said to reduce the contrast of the image as compared to a condensor system, and this may well be true. But I found that with those Conponon-S lenses I have MORE contrast with the colour head than I had with an old condensor D2 and crappy lenses.

    The lenses by the way mount on a turret.

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