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Thread: I've Nailed the Shot, Now What Do I Do?

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    I've Nailed the Shot, Now What Do I Do?

    From 4x5" to 11x14" drum scan and LightJet/Lambda might not be that much of an advantage, compared to a well made Ciba or Fuji R print. I think you would see a bigger quality advantage from 4x5" with a digital process if you want to go to 20x30" or larger. There is also a cost advantage in digital if you want reprints in the future, where the lab can just run them off quickly from the finished file with the major portion of the labor having already been done and without concern about damage to the original film.

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    I've Nailed the Shot, Now What Do I Do?

    This has been THE question with me lately, including the question of black and white. Hate to say it, but research is in order. The internet contains a long list of labs that are converting over the technology you asked about. Some, such as Color Folio, have "white papers" avaiable online to help explain the various processes. Some will also answer questions over the phone. (Keep in mind they're in business to MAKE money). You might try as a start. Ask questions. Ask for samples.

    I have to agree with the previous advise that's it up to you to decide which "look" you like. John
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    I've Nailed the Shot, Now What Do I Do?

    Thank you for all of the advice. Since a digital image can be done in town and a cibachrome will be at least as far away as Moncton, New Brunswick, I will have the digital done first and then if I am not completely blown away, I will send the transparency to Moncton.

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