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Thread: I've Nailed the Shot, Now What Do I Do?

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    I've Nailed the Shot, Now What Do I Do?

    I have been out three time now and I finally got a shot that I want to print. I t was taken on transparency film and I want to make an 11X14. I know that is no t much of a challenge but I want it to be the best possible. Should I go cibach rome or digital and are there any specific labs I should consider? Two advantag es to digital are cost and the ability to share the picture with the forum.

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    I've Nailed the Shot, Now What Do I Do?

    $99 for an 11x14 using the better of their two packages, including drum scan. Sometimes it's worth upgrading to a larger file size (what they call an archive scan) if you think you'll want larger print sizes some day from the same image.


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    I've Nailed the Shot, Now What Do I Do?

    It depends on your image and your expectations. A print on Ilfochrome material and a digital print are both going to have a different look. Some images look better on the super glossy Ilfo material, while others don't. IMHO, digital still can't approach that super saturated, super gloss look if Ilfochrome.


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    I've Nailed the Shot, Now What Do I Do?

    I agree with Pete about the Ilfo/Ciba having a different "look" than the digital prints. But I'll have to say that I've seen some superb LightJet 5000 prints that have matched the quality of an Ilfo/Ciba print.

    I do quite a bit of work with Photo Craft Labs in Boulder (just happen to be local to me). They specialize in digital printing and I can highly recommend them. They are knowledgeable, friendly and do excellent work. They are running some specials through June 1 on Tango drum scans and LightJet 5000 prints. Worth a look anyway...

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    I've Nailed the Shot, Now What Do I Do?

    digital -!

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    I've Nailed the Shot, Now What Do I Do?

    If you don't have a darkroom for Ilfochrome then you will turning over about 50 to 80% of the creative process to a stranger to have one made by a lab. If you don't have a computer and Photoshop, then ditto for the digital (scan + Lightjet) alternative. I would go with which ever process you believe you will eventually want to do yourself.
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    I've Nailed the Shot, Now What Do I Do?

    Ed, last week I had my first hand printed 20X16 cibachromes back from a pro lab and I was bowled over by the quality, colour etc. It was like you could walk into the picture. A handprint 20X16 ciba was #20ukp versus a drum scan (#50 ukp) and light jet print (another #50 ukp). No contest - digital cant be that much better. It was a more or less straight print though so points are valid about the amount of manipulation that may be required.


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    I've Nailed the Shot, Now What Do I Do?

    I have been developing a relationship with a local Ilfochrome printer and I have more control over the final print than I ever would by doing it myself (analog or digital). We discuss what I want from a print and he has yet to disappoint me in achieving it on paper. I can not say the same for other so-called pro-labs where the lines of communication between customer and printer are tenuous at best.

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    I've Nailed the Shot, Now What Do I Do?

    Ilfochromes are not cheap, and it's not easy to find a good printer. Looking at your e-mail, I'm assuming you're on the east coast of Canada - I'm in Nfld., and I've sent work to the Silver Shack in Ontario, and the work is very good, I'd recommend them for sure.

    But really if you only need a high quality 11X14, digital would do a very good job for you .. just have a high quality scan done, and there should be a fair number of outlets in NS for high quality digital printing.

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    I've Nailed the Shot, Now What Do I Do?


    I think only you can answer your own question. I know it will be expensive, but I think you are best off have BOTH a Ciba and Lightjet print made. Only you know what you are looking for in the print, with both in your hands, you can make a well informed choice.

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