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Sandy, Ken, etc.,

I think that I have read all of the threads on the subject. Would it be possible to state the procedure for using and relative merits of both developers in a divided, two bath scenario?
I am beating my head against a wall fighting summer heat here in Houston. I love Xtol 1:3, but the temperature variations between summer and winter are killing me. I want simple. Temperature independant. One soup fits all of my eclectic hodge podge of emulsions and formats.
My hardware setup is a Jobo 3010 Expert drum and 2553 tank and reels. These rotate in a single direction on either a Beseler or Uniroller motor base at 30-32 rpm. Ambient summer room temperture is 78F to 80F. Tap water is close 85F. I prewash in tap water.
Please advise a starting point for the 2 bath method and which developer is correct for my current method. I am not a high volume user so long stock solution shelf life is important. Example: It took me 13 1/2 months to use up my last 5 liter batch of Xtol.
Dilution, prewash or not, wetting agent or not, time in each solution, type of fixer, etc. would help me a lot. Subject to my own testing of course.
Thanks for all of your help, past and future. I wouldn't be where I am today (still slightly dazed and a little confused) without your help.