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Thread: Smaller 165/180mm lenses?

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    Smaller 165/180mm lenses?

    I'm researching something in 165 to 180mm for use on my 3x4 Auto Graflex. I'm going to front mount it so I won't have to worry about fitting the lens in the recessed front standard. A more modern coated optic is wanted over the uncoated B&L I have now. I know the Fuji 180 at F9 is smaller, I'm just wondering what else is available.

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    Re: Smaller 165/180mm lenses?

    You might look for a 165mm/6.3 Caltar, a tessar design lens normally mounted in a Seikosha M/X shutter.

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    Re: Smaller 165/180mm lenses?

    There is also the Nikkor 200M just outside your range, but very small. Then on the slightly shorter end, there are several tiny 150 lenses like the Fuji.

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    Re: Smaller 165/180mm lenses?

    The 165mm f6.3 Tessar was one of the best Tessars ever made by Zeiss, overall they are sharper than the faster Tessar's. Unfortunately they weren't coated, but my pre-WWI (1913) has far better contrast than many later un-coated lenses, probably because there's less glass

    If the 165mm Caltar is similar but coated it would be a superb lens, small, light and good contrast.


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    Re: Smaller 165/180mm lenses?

    I have personal experience with the Ilex/Caltar 165 f6.3. They don't come any sharper or more contrasty, I don't care who makes it. The Seikosha Rapid shutter is also the most trouble free of all the btl shutters.


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