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Thread: Two bath print developing

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    Two bath print developing

    Looking for threads and info on two bath print developing. I've been using a lot of graded paper lately and would like to have more control in the printing. I shoot 4X5 and develop in W2D2+. My go to developer is Dektol, and I've done a workshop with Chuck Kelton using Metol added to a second bath but having a bit of trouble getting the results I got at the workshop. One bath Dektol 1+1, second bath Dektol 1+1 with a couple of heaps of Metol. Any thoughts or other ideas?

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    Re: Two bath print developing

    One common approach has been to use Dektol plus either Selectol Soft or Ansco 120. You can get either of those pre-packaged from the Formulary if you don't want to mix your own from scratch.

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    Re: Two bath print developing

    I used to use the method Oren describes for printing on the old graded Kodak Elite. I learned it from David Vestal. Usually 1 minute in A-120, one minute in Dektol 1:2. That would be if Dektol alone wouldn't give the contrast i wanted on one grade or another. I could fine-tune it further (30" A-120, 90" Dektol, say) if I needed to but it was seldom worthwhile to go that far.
    There's a lot of metol in A-120, use gloves with it (in fact that's good pracitce with all developers.)

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    Re: Two bath print developing

    A suitable formula that can be mixed from the basic constituents is Dr. Beer's.

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