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Thread: Shutter Service in Western Canada

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    Shutter Service in Western Canada

    The Camera Store in Calgary accepts large format shutters for service. It also handles large format camera repairs and services such as mounting a lens on a lensboard and other machining for photographers. You won't find these services on their website:

    However that will give you the contact information and a sense of what the store is about if you aren't familiar with it.

    The cost of a CLA is $99.95 CDN. This includes ultrasonic cleaning of the escapement and all critical components, lubrication with very high quality, space-age, lubricants and timing on a precision digital timer. There is a 15% discount if you bring three or more shutters in at once.

    If repairs are required most parts for Copal shutters are available, however Compur parts are problematic.

    A query about having shutters cleaned in Calgary came up in another Thread and rather than saying too much about it there, it seemed more appropriate to talk about it here. I've been Camera Store's service provider for this work for over a decade. I'm happy to answer any questions LF Forum members have by PM or E-mail.
    Bill Peters

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    Re: Shutter Service in Western Canada

    Occasionally I get a request to recalibrate a classic shutter to the modern speed sequence. This can usually be done, thought the design of some classic shutters sometimes means that not all of the speeds can be set to the modern sequence. For Alphax and Ilex shutters I supply a new plastic laminated speed scale as shown in the attached photo.

    Sometimes my clients are bothered by a rumor floating around the 'net that if a shutter is recalibrated this way it will drift back to the old speeds. This is completely false. I've never had a shutter drift like that. I've recalibrated shutters that have held their speeds for a decade.

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    Re: Shutter Service in Western Canada

    Thanks for the information. If you haven't done it already a similar note on APUG would not be amiss.

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    Re: Shutter Service in Western Canada

    I'd like to put in a word of praise re: Bill's work. He's built flanges for me and serviced Dagors and Commercial Ektars for me in Rapax, Compur & Compound shutters....always flawless....

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    Re: Shutter Service in Western Canada

    Thank you for the advice - good idea. I also got a PM asking if I did Rolleiflexes and other TLR's. For these I recommend using one of the Rollei specialists in the US who does these cameras all the time.

    I specialize in anything that is "large format like" so I will do the shutters on Mamiya Interchangeable lens TLRs, Mamiya Press/Super and similar, including some folders. I also specialize in machining for photographers, ranging from mounting lenses in shutters to the conversion of CANON FD telephoto and shift lenses to the EF mount.
    Thanks again,

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    Re: Shutter Service in Western Canada

    Thank you! It is always a delight to work on your optics. You have found some real gems - the best of the best classic lenses.

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    Re: Shutter Service in Western Canada

    Just letting everyone know that I'm discontinuing my shutter service. My work as a visual artist/photographer and a museum consultant has expanded so, sadly, I've had to wind this up. Special thanks to all my past clients. I've truly enjoyed working on your equipment.

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