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Thread: From Russia with Love, or a $67.00 LF camera

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    From Russia with Love, or a $67.00 LF camera

    Hello! I came across an interesting website while searching for Lubitel(!) for a birthday present for a friend of mine who used to have one, but thats a story f ull of foriegn intrigue, sultry Ukranian women and the KGB...but I digress! sov has for sale $69.95 large format(so they say)Fotokors with a GOMZ f4.5/135mm lens. Intrigueing! Anyone out there ever plays with one of these? Just curious.
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    From Russia with Love, or a $67.00 LF camera

    This is a 9x12 folding plate camera, a la Voigtlander Avus; Zeiss Ikon Maximar, Trona; Certo/Burleigh Brooks Bee Bee; Kodak Nagel Recomar 33, with a Tessar lens.

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    From Russia with Love, or a $67.00 LF camera

    I found this site I never played with them, never even heard about it. Interesting.

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    From Russia with Love, or a $67.00 LF camera

    Russian camera not unlike other mainstram german cameras,pricewise you can find better western cameras for round and about that price

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