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Thread: Enlarging from 8x10

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    Re: Enlarging from 8x10

    Quote Originally Posted by Bob Chambers View Post
    My Elwood and I take that as an insult, it's much bigger and heavier than a Pinto! Its more like a Model A Ford sedan and it's in my basement and working perfectly.
    Just yankin' yer chain. I'm sure EW would scoff at the both of us.

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    Re: Enlarging from 8x10

    Quote Originally Posted by Philippe Grunchec View Post
    I use an 810 DeVere, but I'm a little upset because it can't enlarge the whole negative (the black borders of the film): does someone have the same problem? I use a 240 G-Claron/
    A longer lens will make the mixing box image larger in relation to the negative. I assume you have a big enough negative carrier to show the edges.

    The Durst 1840 with Laraneg or Negateil negative carriers will show all, but just barely. The negative has to be perfectly centered on the glass carrier.

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    Re: Enlarging from 8x10

    You are right, the carrier is a little bit tight! May be I could have it filed? I'd like the advice of other DeVere users!
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    Re: Enlarging from 8x10

    I drum scan my 8x10" slides and let a pro shop make 32X40" enlargements on aluminium. Sometimes 16x20" is better.
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    Re: Enlarging from 8x10

    I use a DeVere 8x10 verticle enlarger, and make color prints with the Colex 32 tabletop processor (no longer being sold). Colenta (Germany) however still sells their Studioline series (Mediaphot is the distributor in the U.S.) in sizes 14" to 32", all dry to dry and small tank volumes. If you can afford it, this is the way to go.

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