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Thread: Jobo - What makes one?

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    Jobo - What makes one?

    I am searching the web for a room light processor for small numbers of 8 x 10 sheets. Probably too lazy to roll tubes by hand so an automated device seems attractive. Guess that means Jobo. Trouble is, Jobo made so many bits and pieces most sellers appear to be breaking up the systems. They sell drums and other parts separately from rollers/baths.

    Exactly what parts does one need to buy to set up a good 8 x 10 BW processor? In particular, which drum should I look for?

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    Re: Jobo - What makes one?

    Quote Originally Posted by vinny View Post
    3010 drum, does 5 sheets.
    Jobo CPA-2 with lift and bottles. Look up jobo's site to find a manual and specs. The cpp-2 is more advanced but not necessary for b&w work. Many just use a Beseler roller base instead of the machine
    and add chemicals manually.

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    Re: Jobo - What makes one?

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    Re: Jobo - What makes one?

    The 2850 also works well if you are on a budget. It does 4 sheets of 8x10.

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    Re: Jobo - What makes one?

    You can also process one sheet of 8x10 in a 2563/2840 drum. Ive had fantastic luck processing E6, C41 and B&W in those.
    Im running an ATL 2200 and everything is coming out super consistent and clean.
    With the 2563, you have to make sure that the lid has a light trap and not the one with the center column hole.
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    Re: Jobo - What makes one?

    Quote Originally Posted by Ron Marshall View Post
    The 3005, is the drum for 8x10
    3004 is fine too, though they're less common.

    If you're comfortable doing slightly tricky loading routines in the dark, it's possible to run multiple sheets of 8x10 in a 3062 or 3063 print drum as well, so long as you're not using a pyro developer.

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    Re: Jobo - What makes one?

    Again, why doesn't UNICOLOR come up in these conversations?????

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    Re: Jobo - What makes one?

    The above is correct except that the 3010 Expert Drum is for 4x5 only.

    For new and used Jobo parts: Get in touch with Dave Smith of Electromechanical Services in LA, CA. He is a trained Jobo repair person and has some parts in stock, both new and used. His prices are very reasonable. His phone No. is 1-323-227-1869 and his email is If you call, leave a message, he and his wife never answer the phone, but they will call back for a message. I have bought Jobo parts, an apron for my drum dryer and enlarger parts. Great people.

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    Re: Jobo - What makes one?

    Quote Originally Posted by Pawlowski6132 View Post
    Again, why doesn't UNICOLOR come up in these conversations?????
    I would bring it up to curse the Unicolor drum design. The two I tried before the Jobo both leaked like crazy. The Jobos have never leaked on me. I'm sure some people have great luck with Unicolor drums, but I won't waste my time on them.

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